Call Us Today: (231) 745-4671

750 Eighth Street
Baldwin, MI 49304


Do you Deliver?

Yes we do. We have multiple trucks available for delivery of all different kinds of materials.

Check out our Delivery Service Page for more information on our delivery services or call 231-745-4671 to find out more!

Do you special order items?

Yes we do! We can order just about anything you need, just ask us and we would be happy to help!

Can you mix paint?

Yes! We have the new MetaVue Color matching computer and we have a wide selection of color swatches.

Where are you located?

We are located in Downtown Baldwin, MI. 1/2 block off from M-37 west on Eighth Street.

Are you open on Saturday's & Sundays?

January through March: we are open 8-1 on Saturday.

April through December: we are open 8-5 on Saturday.

Do you have Hardware Items?

Yes, we have all categories of hardware and if you don't see it we can order it!

Do you carry ladders?

We have aluminum extension ladders and also have step ladders in wood, aluminum and fiberglass.

Do you have wood pellets?

We do not carry Pellets but  please call Alternative Heating and Fuel, located to the north of us approximately 7 miles, and they would be happy to help you!

Are you able to do custom cutting?

Yes, we can do many different things in our wood shop and mill department. Call us today for more information.

Do you have any rental equipment?

We currently have a rolling magnet for nail pickup, rolling tape measure, and cellulose insulation blower for rent. 

Do you have wildlife food?

Yes we do! We carry whole corn, cracked corn, sweet mix, Lucky Buck Products, Big & J products, straw, alfalfa, suet, sunflower seed, wild seed and much more! 

Do you carry snow rakes?

We have the traditional snow rake as well as the Avalanche snow removal system!

Where is the dog?

Macleod can be found in one of four places! On his bed in the office, in Jane's car, sitting in the grass at the back door or next door at Shear Delight.

How are Gordon & Emily?

They are great. Dad just turned 90 in January and Mom will turn 90 in July. They are still active and healthy and they go to the Post Office and Bank for me on a regular basis.